Buy Local, Buy Fair

Goods bought locally are produced with the lowest carbon footprint – and can be the freshest option. Think luscious, colourful hedge veg and fresh Guernsey milk from only a few miles away.

But certain favourites – such as coffee, tea and chocolate – simply can’t be produced locally. We wouldn’t pay a local hedge veg seller less than 10p for their delicious produce. Let’s not do the same to producers in other countries.

When we buy imported products, we want to be assured not only of their quality but also increasingly of their provenance and footprint. Have they have been grown or made in a way that meets our expecations of fairness, social justice or environmental impact? That’s why Fairtrade Guernsey’s values centre around fair income for producers, better working conditions for labourers, and environmental sustainability for the future.

So when you can’t buy local, buy fair. As as you will see below, there are lots of options to buy fair, locally!

Why is it so important?

#BuyLocal has made some serious waves on social media, and for very good reason. Noted as the best way to be an environmentally-friendly shopper, it supports our local community here in Guernsey at the same time. 

As a consumer, your choice to buy local stimulates our economy, helps create and retain jobs, strengthens our community spirit, develops our unique culture, and supports local families. 

This same ethos applies to people just like us working in the Global South. Your choice to buy Fairtrade certified products guarantees producers a minimum price for what they grow or make. This provides them with the means to raise families, support communities, and look after their precious land for the benefit of the entire planet. 

What can you buy Fair?
Where can you Buy Fair?

Most shops now sell some Fairtrade products – just look for the Fairtrade Mark. It’s always worth asking if you can’t find something – as the shop may be able to order it for you.

We have highlighted below a few local retailers, wholesalers and hospitality businesses that stock a wide range of Fairtrade products or go the extra mile in supplying, serving and promoting Fairtrade. 

If you would like your business to be featured here, please get in touch to let us know what you offer!

If you are looking to purchase Fairtrade goods on a larger scale for your work or organisation, as well as talking to the wholesalers featured below you can also see the Fairtrade Foundation’s purchasing guide.